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Who we are

Launched in 2021, SingViva is an Insurance Exchange connecting the dots within the Digital ecosystem. Enabled by our core technologies we believe everyone should know their own risk profile and taking an active role in managing their health.

We are always looking for newer and smarter ways to make Insurance buying an enjoyable process while customers have the right to decide exactly what to share and whom to share.

We empower
the Individual

We believe that everyone should have access to their own risk profile and empowered by our proprietary technologies and risk scoring we help Individuals to recognise their health risks better and taking action to lead a healthier live.

We make Insurance engaging

Created from over 20 years of academic research, Insurance domain expertise and user experience we work with partners to build digital platform to engage their customers in on ongoing sustained journey of improvement in their Financial and Health wellbeing.

We make insurance

Using our core technologies including blockchain to look at existing pain points and redefine products, processes and documentation throughout the insurance cycle.

Our technology


Through DNA and genomic sequencing, higher accuracy of health status can be obtained. It evidently discloses current health make-up, while predicting the future health status of Consumers based on genetics and heredity analysis. Genetic testing provides another alternative to the current voluntary Consumers' family history conditions’ disclosure when underwriting critical illnesses.

The risk score fits in nicely with any digital health engagement platform and help customers to make healthier lifestyle choices and encourages early intervention and prevention.

Data-driven analytical underwriting

Through scientific data collection, our artificial-intelligence -driven model complements traditional actuarial pricing and underwriting approach. Complement a Dynamic pricing model and real-time risk scoring engine with our predictive genetic profiling.

Empowering Retailers, Telcos, POS with our Scoring engine created by a team of data scientists.


Smart contracts reduce intermediary layers and human interferences, mitigating manipulation risks by mediators while increasing transparency. It further improves processing timing and reduces extra costs.

The eventual goal is to automate the underwriting and claims settlement process while we’re always on the forefront of identifying use cases of smart contracts between blockchain accounts to make transactions faster and more secure.

Our Unique Edge – SingViva X

Backed by a strong regional product team with cross-domain knowledge, coupled with a collective experience of over half-a-century in product design, SingViva X has the capability to roll-out unique Life & Health insurance pricing and products within an accelerated timeframe.

Recent case study (Pacific Critical Care, Malaysia)
From its initial assessment of predictive genetic profiling data to finalising of risk premiums, and eventually to roll-out the final product, this process took SingViva X approximately 4.5 months. This achievement is a first in the market, given the complexity involved in multiple domains of medical science, health data and insurance premiums.

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